Aug 14, 2010

End of Summer Camp 2010

The last Friday show is done. There will be no more twelve hour days of dancing and no more showing up to the school at 9:00 AM. No more learning dances in fifteen minutes and performing them with only three rehearsals. No more pushing yourself so hard you come out of class feeling like you'll throw up and definitely no more staying up until midnight running dances in my head. It's all over and done with.

Of course I'm heartbroken to see another summer go by, but I'm also excited to start a new chapter. To get on with my life and see what else it has to offer me. I feel that I improved a lot this summer can't wait to put that improvement to good use. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as I did, I definitely think it was the most epic summer ever...

The Friday performance yesterday went fantastically. Considering I was doing the sugarplum pas, had a week to learn it and had never seen myself do it with a mirror, I think it went very well.

I'd like to thank every single one of my followers and anyone who has just been checking in. You guys are great and helped me accomplish my goal of thirty followers in half the time I had expected it to take! :)

And now let's go even farther, I'm resetting my goal. Let's try to reach 40 followers by January. I know we can do it but I'll need your help!
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Thanks guys! You're awesome!


PS: Post your epic summer

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