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Jul 18, 2010

End of Week 2

Week two has come to an end. I decided to perform the "Dryad Queen" variation on Friday and had even less time to rehearse this variation than last week! (So probably about a half hour of actual rehearsing) I still look back and think "oh, I wish I had thought to turn out more there" or "I should have looked to the audience there". But what's done is done and overall I think I did pretty well. I did get all 7 1/2 "grand fouettes" at the end! That was a big upside for me. Here's the performance:

It's Sunday night at 11:20 and I am not at all ready for another week of dancing! It was a fun weekend with my friend Sara. Lots of swimming and relaxing but not nearly enough of it. Oh, shoot me now!
I hope to find more time to write before next weekend, hope everyone is having a great summer!




  1. Good job! In the beginning were you late or was the other girl early?

  2. Thanks so much!
    It was a combination of both I suppose. I wanted to hold the positions as long as possible and the music had started a tiny bit faster than normal. Part way through the beginning you can kinda hear it slow down to accommodate our timing.