Jul 10, 2010

Summer Camp - Week 1 - DONE!

Week 1 of summer camp is officially done. Yesterday was our Friday performance in which we basically just show off what we learned during the week. I had my first solo on stage and I was performing the act 3 Aurora Wedding variation. It was so much fun! I was so nervous before going onstage! I was literally waiting by the stage door for the previous variation to end. When no music started I was wondering what was going on so I peeked my head in to see. Turns out they were waiting for me! Luckily the artistic director had some speaking to do so I didn't miss my cue! :s
I was amazed by how comfortable I was once on stage. I felt like as long as I stayed on my feet everything would be more than fine. I loved the energy from the audience members and was perfectly okay with the idea that all eyes were on me. Most people only dream about that. I am so fortunate to have performed such a hard variation at such a young age and gotten such incredible feedback from teachers, other students and people in the audience. I feel so blessed.

Here is my performance: :)

And I literally had 45 minutes to rehearse this dance before performing it! So go easy! :P

In other news, A Dancer's Days is up to 26 followers! My goal for the years was to get at least thirty. We're so close I can taste it!
So please:

  • Tell your friends about me

  • Post the link to my blog on your own blogs, Facebook page, Myspace page, YouTube accounts or pretty much whatever you take part in! :)

  • KEEP COMMENTING! It's so awesome to hear everyones opinions, comments or questions. Do NOT be afraid to post!

You guys are awesome by the way! Thanks everybody, I hope you're all having an awesome summer! (Post your experiences so far in the comment box below)


  1. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while, but I just started following! I know what it feels like to have barely any people following or commenting, and I have been trying so hard to populate my blog, but no one is reading it. I am so happy for you to be hitting your 30th follower marker! I will definitely blog about you, just in case I have some "secret" readers. :)

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca! That's so sweet and it's much appreciated! If you comment with the link of your blog I could put it in a post to better populize your site. If you'd like, that is.
    Thanks so much! :)

  3. Great job on your performance! I would be so nervous performing a solo I only practiced for 45 min!

  4. Thanks Chloey! I was very nervous but, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? :)

    Thanks for reading/watching!