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Jun 20, 2010

Summer Casting!

This summer my school is performing two different shows. One is our "Choreographer's Showcase" where choreographers from all over the state (and even out of state) come together, bringing their best numbers and we put on a big, talent-filled show. I'm performing in two different numbers that are both ballet and I'm loving them! I'm the only dancer in both dances full time and I'm already getting tired!
I find this show is a really great way to meet other dancers and see what else is out there. It's always fun to watch people you don't know dance and get to talk to them about their style/what their schools are like.
For the second show that we're doing, we are performing a new piece choreographed by our artistic director and "The Firebird" all in one performance. In Firebird, I am performing as a princess and I'm understudying "Koschei's Minion." (I think that's how you spell it!) The minion solo is SUPER fun because you get to crawl around on the floor and transform into this evil creature that lurks in dark forests. And it's even more special knowing the dancer I'm understudying is our principle dancer.  I'm very excited to start rehearsals!

In the ballet piece, I am in the first movement doing a quartet with three other dancers who are soloists. (And me being a little choir dancer makes this is a BIG step for me!) I'm also understudying a pas de tois and the dancer I'm understudying will be out of the state for a few days, so I'll get to do it! :D

I am so thrilled!

I hope everyone is having a great start to summer! The weather is great here and my skin is already pink!
Thanks for reading! <3



  1. hi! Your summer intensive sounds like alot of fun! My summer also is a blast of fun also( i dont know if anyone uses that expression any more cause i live in London.) The director at my academy had invited this director who was looking for dancers to put in his film and he asked me to come to the live auditions next week im really excited and even nervous:) i hope you continue to have an amazing summer! thank you posting, please continue to do so. :)-LeAnna B.

  2. Hi LeAnna!

    Congrats on all your success! That sounds awesome and thanks for sharing! Also, thank you for the encouraging words. I plan to be posting for as long as I can!
    Thank you and I hope your summer is great as well! :D