Jun 7, 2010


We all have to deal with it! The world of ballet (Or many other activities) can be very competitive. When you trap a bunch of teenage girls and boys inside a classroom (or dressing room) drama is inevitable. I had an anonymous poster with a question that I'd like to share with everyone.

Anonymous said...

hello. i have requests 4 u!!!!!

so i live in utah!! and i go to this dance school there. and i really liked it until like 2 years ago. but now there's this drama!!!!! there's this boy (we used to go out !) and we broke up! and now he hates me! and the boy, alvin, that's his name. he moved up!!!! and now he told all of his friends that i'm mean! BUT I'M NOT! and it's annoying. so there's all this drama!!!!
but i have friends that dance at other schools!!!!!!!! and they always say there's no drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i get so frusurated because there's so much at my school! ughhhhh is there drama at your school? HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?

Dear Anonymous,
Believe me, there is PLENTY of drama at my school and there always will be. I'm not sure what age you are but around the era of late jr. high and early high school there will be A LOT of drama. After that age passes people tend to not care for the drama and they grow up. So just hang in there! It's tough, I know, but if this school is something that makes you happy (minus the drama of course!) I wouldn't give up on it.
I deal with drama mostly depending on the situation which varies a lot. So in your situation your ex, Alvin. I'm not sure but it sounds like you broke up with him, making him upset with you. So now he is venting that hurt by telling other people you're not a good person.
(If that isn't the case please let me know!)
If I were in your situation then I would stick close to my friends. They are the people that you can depend on during times like this, the people that know you aren't going to listen to the things your ex may be spreading.
Things like this always blow over eventually. It's just a matter of hanging in there until it does!
If things don't improve, perhaps you could VERY gently talk to Alvin, apologize for possibly making him feel hurt and ask if you could move past that and be more mature about things. Coming at him in a more confrontational manner may scare him off and make things worse.
Good luck with everything!

If anyone has any questions that need advice/answering or have comments, you can either leave a comment below or e-mail me at: twilightdancer3@yahoo.com.
Thanks guys! <3


  1. Every dance school I bet has some sort of drama. Mine has wayyy too much! I am starting to be a target... and yes, staying close to your friends knowing that they know you and anyone who judges you negatively probably doesn't know you well. It does hurt a lot, especially when they call you names... after a while if this keeps going on I have to admit I will confront them, but until then I'm sticking with my friends and ignoring it. Your not alone Anonymous!

  2. My dance school has lots of drama too. I take class with a bunch of older girls who just hate me. At the barre sometimes they glare at me like they are going to kill me! But I just try to kill them with kindness, workes everytime. Soon enough they will snap.
    I think it is getting better now though!

  3. Thanks for posting everyone! It's great to know that everyone can be so cool about dealing with drama and not bite any heads off! ;)

  4. that's what i try to do too, deiadancer333!

    except i find it a little harder though cause i feel like i'm not doing my best when i feel like i'm being "watched".