May 29, 2010

Summer Camp!

By now you have all sent in your applications for summer intensives, auditioned for them and most of you have probably received your answer as to whether or not you were accepted. To those of you who are going to be spending their summer in a hot classroom, sweating, sore and tired, congratulations! Here are some tips to help you on your journey whether you're in the classroom or in the dorm.

  • Rotate your pointe shoes.
Pointe shoes are eaten up during the summer. Not only are you dancing on them more than you typically would, the extra heat disintegrates them twice as fast! Keep several pairs at once. I typically have three or four with me at all times.
  • Stick your pointe shoes in the dryer.
Yup, it's true! By putting your pointe shoes in the dryer for a short amount of time on a medium heat, it sucks the moisture out of the shoes, making them last even longer. Make sure you have a rack for your dryer, tumbling your pointe shoes in a dryer is a recipe for some short-life shoes.
You can never over hydrate. Always keep a water bottle with you.
  • Keep a light dance bag.
You'll be carrying your bag around a lot, keep it clean and light. A heavy bag could put strain on your shoulders and back and you want your body to be in optimum condition.
  • Have a balanced diet.
Over the summer you'll be working really hard and your body will need all the nutrients it can get. Eat a lot of salad, pasta, fruits and veggies.
  • Rest!
Your body is really going to need it! Get into a schedule of falling asleep at a reasonable hour so you can wake up ready and refreshed. Of course, it's summer so one night of partying couldn't hurt! ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the school year!


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