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Apr 3, 2010

I'm too tired to come up with a title so I will name it this...

Yup, so the title says it all. It's Saturday and it's 3:20 PM and I'm very, very, very tired.

I jumped in the lake today and it was FREEZING! But the weather is SO beautiful and right now I'm kinda wondering why I'm inside.

Easter is tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait for candy!

Its 13 days until I leave for North Carolina! I'm so pumped and I really need a vacation. I've started packing some stuff and will hopefully have a few more things to pack by tomorrow. (Wink wink Easter Bunny) :)

Okay, the breeze from the window is irresistible. I'm going outside! Hope you all have a great day!


PS: If anyone has any post ideas or requests please comment below. I need them believe me!

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  1. REQUEST-REQUEST-REQUEST!!!!! so its my firt year en pointe and im a little scared that im going to hurt my ankels but my teachers said that im fully ready. Im also a little scared because all of the older girls at the academy are saying that their feet really hurt and how they have bunions and stuff- ouch. I was just wondering if you could post anything about tips for pointe shoes etc. Anything you could post would be greatly appreciated. thanks:)