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Apr 29, 2010

I'm Back!

Vacation was amazing! Wide open beaches, morning tea with dolphins, wild horses, surfing and amusement parks. All in all, I'd say it was an amazing vacation!

Now that I'm back home I have a lot on my plate. I have a ton of schoolwork, dancing class + rehearsals, attempting to pursue one of my dreams AKA writing a novel and catching up on household chores. Hopefully I'll find time to post but just for the record, it may be a challenge.

In just over 2 weeks I have a charity performance. It's a wonderful event where singers/dancers come together from all over the state to perform Broadway numbers for a children's hospital. I look forward to it every year and my school is performing a number called "Dancin' Man." So much fun!
Last year we performed a High School Musical dance (Love the dance, hate the movie) and the musical number before intermission we dancers went out into the audience and handed out flowers. It was a blast and I hope we can do that again this year!

It's so good to be back and I hope to post again soon!

If anyone has a request/idea for a post PLEASE let me know!


Apr 8, 2010

Update 4/8/2010

Hello all! So here are just a few things I'd like to say:

I'm up to 17 followers! (Ha, I'm way more excited about that than I should be) But I know we can do better! My goal for this year was 30 and we're definitely on our way.
Tell all your friends about me!

8 days until I leave for NC!!!!!!! :)
(I'm not planning on posting much while I'm there, sorry guys!)

It's been so hot here lately and there have been several freak thunderstorms. One occurred two nights ago and I didn't even know we had one when I woke up!

Alright, I really should be doing schoolwork! Talk to everyone soon!


Apr 7, 2010

Poems For a Dancer

They Who Dance-
Marjorie Allen Seiffert


The feet of dancers
Shine with mirth,
Their hearts are vibrant as bells:.
The air flows by them
Divided like water
Cut by a gleaming ship..
Triumphantly their bodies sing,
Their eyes are blind
With music..
They move through threatening ghosts
Feeling them cool as mist
On their brows..
They who dance
Find infinite golden floors
Beneath their feet.


"The Performance"
Unknown Author -

The spotlight brightens
The music begins
I'm up on my toes
as I twirl and spin
I jump and I leap
From one side to another
feeling just the music
never any other.
I raise up in pointe
then down in plie
performing what I've practiced
for so long every day.
To dance is my dream,
I can't let it die
for when I do dance
I feel I can fly
The world can disappear
My troubles can cease
For just one moment
I am truly at peace.

"A Dancer's Prayer"
Unknown Author-

Dear angel, Ever at my side
Be there today, my feet to guide.
Help me dance high, and light, and free,
So everyone will be proud of me.
May the judges be fair and the stages be spacious.
In winning and losing let me be gracious,
So that every dance I'll remember with pride.
And angel, please keep my shoelaces tied

Apr 5, 2010

Pointe Shoes, Bunions and Blisters

First off, this article is dedicated to an anonymous writer who requested that I write an article about pointe training. Thanks for giving me an idea anonymous person!

You finally get to buy your first pair of pointe shoes! Pretty exciting right? After years of watching the older ballerinas turn in their satin and wooden shoes you dreamed of doing the same. But with pointe shoes comes a lot of other not-so-pleasant things.


Bunions are common among dancers but may signify that you are wearing the wrong model of pointe shoe. I didn't use to have bunions but a pointe shoe fitter put me in a type of shoe that was too narrow for me. (This is back when I still had little experience with pointe shoes) For a fair amount of time, my metatarsal
area was what was supporting me in the shoe. This is NOT what you want! After that my bunions grew to be HUGE. Not good.
ALWAYS make sure you're in the right shoe and try to get fit by someone experienced and someone you can trust.


Blisters are also really common among dancers and are normal. Some tricks that many girls use to pad their feet is using tape like the package shown on the right. It is Nexcare Absolute Waterproof tape. I love it and use it all the time and it's cheap! You can find it at your local pharmacy, Walgreen's, Hannaford, Wal-Mart and Rite Aid.
Another thing you can do is: cut out pieces of moleskin and stick them on top of your blisters to pad your skin from the friction between your foot and the shoe.



Callouses are just tough patches of skin. It's not much to worry about! Many dancers prefer to have them because it toughens up your skin and reduces the risk of blisters.

Some other common dancer injuries are:
Pulled Muscles

Be aware of your body and know when something is too much. You don't want to end up with any of the injuries above!

I have had two fractures in the past, both in my left foot. At times the pain was bearable and other times it was excruciating.
Check in with your doctor often and be sure to refer to them before going en pointe, just so you can make sure your body is ready.

Be careful with your body, after all you only get one.


Apr 3, 2010


She's a little messy but still amazing!

I'm too tired to come up with a title so I will name it this...

Yup, so the title says it all. It's Saturday and it's 3:20 PM and I'm very, very, very tired.

I jumped in the lake today and it was FREEZING! But the weather is SO beautiful and right now I'm kinda wondering why I'm inside.

Easter is tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait for candy!

Its 13 days until I leave for North Carolina! I'm so pumped and I really need a vacation. I've started packing some stuff and will hopefully have a few more things to pack by tomorrow. (Wink wink Easter Bunny) :)

Okay, the breeze from the window is irresistible. I'm going outside! Hope you all have a great day!


PS: If anyone has any post ideas or requests please comment below. I need them believe me!