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Mar 24, 2010

Update 3/24/2010

Posting is getting harder and harder... I'll sit down to write and have no idea what to say.

Now with that said we can move onto a more positive note, (Drum roll please) I have finally been invited into the company! After years of hard work I jumped that final step and found myself submerged in a world of constant dancing and frequent performances. Yay!!! I really wish I could tell you where I dance and send you the link to the company's website to show you my picture under the "company dancers" link... But,

1: I have a mother who is protective.
2: There are creepers in this world and I hope none of them are lurking about my blog...

As soon as A Midsummer Night's Dream is over I will have much more time on my hands which means many more posts! :) If you guys have any requests for posts or some cool ideas for my blog, do NOT hesitate to let me know!

I would also like to give a shout out to my new blog followers/YouTube channel followers. THANK YOU!!! Don't be afraid to comment and leave your dancing stories on my posts, we want to hear them!

Some other news I have: The dance school down the street (That I do not dance at) offered me a job over the summer! I'm super excited! I would be teaching a ballet class every week. (Not sure how many times, nothing is confirmed yet!) I really want to take up the opportunity and I would get paid!!!! Kaching. (Although it's not like it would bet that much!) ;)

March flew by didn't it?! I expected it to pass us at an extremely sluggish pace and then I would have to wait out a few weeks until April vacation. (Which, as you may remember, I am going to North Carolina for! So excited!!!! 23 days until I leave!)

Alright, I should really get some schoolwork done. See you all later!



  1. that is super cool that you are now in the company. i also dream of being in the company at the dance academy i am currently at. But i think i am on my way, i am performing in in the pas de quatre as one of the four small swans and im only 13. But anyways your blog page is very awesome as usual. im looking forward to telling all the girls at the academy about your neat blog page. Please keep posting. OXOXOX :)

  2. Thank you so much! It's great to be able to do awesome parts at such a young age. Thanks so much for viewing my blog and telling your friends about it! I will definitely keep posting! ;)