Mar 15, 2010

Dying... Almost Dead... Completely and Utterly Dead...

First off I would like to say: I'M SO SORRY!

I know I haven't posted in ages, I have been more busy than ever! My family has been calling March our "Month from Hell" and that is precisely what it is. I have rehearsals for a Midsummer Night's Dream which by the way is this weekend, classes, my sister has been having PT appointments every week, my brother has wrestling tournaments every Sunday from 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM all over the state, (That's the real killer right there) and on top of all that I have school work that kinda needs to get done. I'm so fried!

At this point I just need to hand in there until April vacation because I'm going to North Carolina! So excited! That trip is the shining light at the end of the tunnel, the tiny spark of hope in the midst of a... I don't know what, but it's all I'm looking forward to! I NEED this trip!

Alright, I've gotta go. School must be done.

I hope to keep everyone more updated and I will post pics of Midsummer this weekend.

Anyone else not enjoying this month as much as me?


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