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Feb 5, 2010

Update - 2/5/10

Hello all!
It is February 5th, 2010 at 9:30 AM. I am exhausted. Last night I was lying on my couch (Which is incredibly comfortable I might add) and was falling asleep at 9:30... How did I get so burnt out??? When did I get so burnt out, would be a more appropriate question! It's a Friday so after an hour of tap, an hour and a half of ballet class I have a rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream for about another hour. Ugh... I love dancing and performing but this part of the process is incredibly tiring.
Tomorrow I have warm-up at 11:30, and then from 12:00-2:00 I have rehearsal for the "fairy scene" also referred to as Scherzo.
Then after rehearsal, I and one of my gals are heading out for a night on the town! So excited!
And I have not forgotten about my goal for 2010 to reach 30 followers! But I can't do it alone! Tell your friends about me! ;)
Ah, alright I guess I should get some schoolwork done... See ya everybody!


  1. i'm burnt out also with dance every night + homework i would just love to get a full nights rest. Good luck with rehearsal!

  2. Aww thanks! :) Let's all get a full night's rest!