Jan 2, 2010


Ah, the New Year has begun! Recapping on 2009, it was a pretty good year overall. I got cast in some great roles and I started my blog which I am so glad that I did! I'm always sad to see a year go by... but life must go on and will go on whether I like it or not!
Vacation is almost over. We have tomorrow (Sunday) and then on Monday, back to regular life... Although, it's been snowing so hard here, ballet classes may be canceled! Although it's suppose to wither down on Monday. It was very nice to have some down time to just clean up the house and laze about for a couple of days. I needed it!
I came up with some new year resolutions:
  • Work on my turnout (I desperately need more of it!)
  • Get up to at least 30 followers on this blog at least by the end of the year. (We'll see!)
  • Put more pictures on my blog.
  • To get farther on my book. (Yes I'm writing a book.... It's going pretty slowly though!)
We'll see how I do! ;)
2010 is going to be a GREAT year! I can feel it! (Blogger updated the posting page and I am loving it!)
My laptop crashed! :(

My grandparents are going to Florida for my grandpa's 80th birthday. So she left her 14 year old beagle with us. Yeah... he's turning out to be a handful! He needs to go out pretty often and he cries at night as he isn't use to this environment and usually sleeps by my grandparents' bedside.
So yup... That's my life right now! Thanks to anyone who's viewing! ...Don't leave me!

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