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Dec 29, 2009

Special Delivery... Your Technique Is Here.

Unfortunatley, technique is not delivered in a brown, cardboard package and we do not obtain good technique simply by opening up that box. We have to work long and hard to conquer those little things like turnout and pointed feet. (Although sometimes the little things are much more significant than you'd think) After a nice vacation is the perfect time to explore the way your body moves and see where it is capable of going. When you go back to class, you really have to get back into the swing of things as you may have been gone for extended periods of time. When you go back, experiment! Move your body into positions you wouldn't normally do and see how it feels. Is it more correct than before? Is it worse? Find out so you can discover the right and wrong ways for you to move with your body.
It is also very important to monitor what you do during your vacation. For many years I was much more flexible on my right side than my left. Over vacation I really focused on stretching my left side and didn't do as much on my right. Now my left side is significantly more flexible than my right! So just be very cautious with what you do with your body and what you don't.
Enjoy the holidays everyone! Happy new year!

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