Dec 26, 2009

Post Christmas

12/26/09, 8:53 PM
Perhaps the hardest aspect of the holidays would be unwinding from the red and green thread we all manage to get tangled up in after the festivities are over. I am MAJORLY behind in my schoolwork yet I have not been able to compel my brain to muster an attention span long than an ADHD gnat's is... I am screwed... For Christmas, we bought a Blu-ray player which has been entertaining. My father is having quite a blast with it. I received a new phone (The Samsung Solstice!!!!) which I LOVE and a pink iPod! And on top of that I got a Nikon Coolpix camera! I also got a heaping amount of strawberry Laffy Taffy and Lindt chocolate... THANK YOU SANTA! Yes, I know I'm spoiled rotten but, let's just say it was the best Christmas ever!



During vacation it is very important to stay stretched and active or you may lose much of your technique. I have a two week holiday vacation and for that time span I would suggest doing splits for 15-20 minutes on every side 4-6 times a week, sit ups to burn off some of that ham and pie (I lied... the hardest aspect of the holidays is applying your self restraint when Santa Claus is showering you with all of these candies that he stuffed in your stocking... Oh Santa, why?!?!) along with any activity that you enjoy to keep your body moving. (Like jogging, biking or even something like Wii Fit which I have found actually works really well!) Of course that will won't be enough to keep you completely up to par, but most of us don't have access to a studio/barre. (Haha that rhymed!) So keep stretched, keep active and keep relaxing! (For now!) ;)

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