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Dec 20, 2009

Tissues and Tirades

12/?/09 at 11:03 AM
For those of you checking in every so often, I apologize greatly for my disappearance. I have been pushing through an illness scientifically known as "Post Nutcracker Syndrome." Similar to depression, with a mix of every kind of illness that could sneak into your bloodstream when your body is run down and tired. It has been rough so far, but I think I may make it through alive.

Anyway, last night I watched the movie "Julie and Julia" with the family. (Which for those of you who don't know is about a woman named Julie who writes a blog following her experiences cooking through Julia Child's cookbook.) I had told the family how I hadn't written in a while and only moments later Julie says: "I feel as though my readers will die if I don't write for them." (Or something along those lines) My dad turned around and said "why can't you run your blog like her?" So, I thank Julie for re-inspiring me to write.
In the aspects of my "personal" life, not much is different. I'm a homeschooled, fourteen year old dancer so if you add it all up, no guys are going to be in the picture anytime soon. (But at this point it doesn't matter because my mother probably wouldn't let me date anyone anyway)
On many occasions I have questioned my decision to recieve my highschool education in the comfort of my own home, on many occasions I have contemplated what my life could be like if I went to highschool, but on more occasions I have decided that in order for me to be me and do what I love, homeschool highschool is the solution.

Incase anyone is interested, as I write this entry my neck is throbbing due to a festering virus. There is this pain in the back/hollow of my head that feels as though someone's thumb is digging into my skull. Whenever I swallow I can feel it push even harder. And plus I'm hungry which makes me even more irritable...

In my ballet life, well, there really is none at the moment. I'm on vacation for two whole weeks! And I'm psyched! Normally vacations are depressing and distressing for me, but my body NEEDS a rest. I worked hard this year and as a dancer it is extremely important to know when to say, "ENOUGH!" And my body has been screaming that at the top of it's lungs for too long. I had no choice but to not listen until yesterday when the vaca offically started!

So far my Sunday has been a morning of laying on the couch with a box of tissues to my left and a heating pad behind my head while watching my sister play Crash Nitrocart on the PS2. So far so good!
I hope to check back in soon, although with no ballet classes there won't be much to write about! I wish everyone safe and happy holidays!



  1. how are you going to get into college?

  2. Homeschoolers go through the same thing as any regular student. It is the SAME thing as actual high school, you just do the work at home. I also plan to take selective classes at a high school through me junior and senior year. Maybe sophmore year too if the classes I want are available.