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Nov 30, 2009


The first weekend for Nutcracker is over! The seats were packed and the audiences were fantastic! The energy seeping through the air that you receive when performing is simply incredible! I enjoy performing this ballet immensely and it is so amazing to be part of a classic performance that will be popular for many, many more years!
Of course it is tough to stay on top of your game for all these performances when your body is run down and exhausted. Which is something I know I have been struggling with this year. Many of the dancers in the performance have been coming down with a case of the swine flu which is very unfortunate for both them and the dancers around them. Many of us also have other illnesses that will eventually catch up with any weary body. This time of year, it is extremely difficult to sustain one's health and bodily demands. Your health is vital to a good performance, some things that you can do to help your body out may be: eating the most nutritious food possible, taking your vitamins, taking calcium pills will reduce the risk of bone injuries, wash your hands or use a hand cleanser after every rehearsal and performance especially if you hold hands with other dancers in your numbers. REST! Get your sleep and try to maintain a healthy "sleep schedule". I would suggest to get at least eight or nine hours every night if possible. Keep your makeup tools clean and if you lend them to a friend wash them immediately! Here is a good tutorial on how to cleanse your brushes without harming the integrity.

And also make sure that you spot clean your brushes after almost every use. Spot cleaning is simply when you take a brush cleaner or water and dab the brush on a paper towel/tissue to get most of the makeup off the brush. Then you can rinse off the brush (Make sure you only get the bristles and the metal part wet. NOT the wooden handle!) and lay it flat on a towel to dry.

Maintaining your health (Especially now, with the swine flu thriving all over the globe.) is not an easy task. Keep your body well rested and well nurtured.

Thanks for reading everyone and I wish you all safe and happy holidays this season!


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