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Sep 25, 2009


Hello everyone! There was a dress rehearsal tonight for the production, The Magic Toy Shop. As I have said, I am playing a clown and that requires a large amount of standing still. In the middle of the rehearsal, my legs suddenly went numb, then my stomach rolled, my head pounded and my mouth went completely dry! Then finally my vision suddenly started to blur and I couldn't see anything and my hearing was muffled. I knew that if I stayed on stage any longer I would collapse so (in character) I casually walked off stage. Luckily my mother was back stage and she ran and got some water for me. So just a word of advice to all dancers: HYDRATE! I had had three hours of class before so I had been working hard and not drinking enough.
Well, quite a frightening experience that was! Just a word of caution to all performers so no one has to experience what I did.
Have a good day everyone!

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