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Sep 19, 2009


Fall is practically here, and things are as hectic as ever! Within next weekend and late November, my school is performing three shows, all of which I am in. First is a show called, The Magic Toy Shop, in which I play one of two Clowns. It's a really adorable part and I'm really excited. The only downer, we have to paint our faces completely white and then leave it on practically all day because there is no time in between the shows next Saturday. (Three in one day. Yikes!) The next show is a performance called, A Night of Broadway, where we are doing a bunch of various numbers from various Broadway shows. I am performing in eight numbers in that one show. (The show is in October! I still have SO much work to do!) The last show is the traditional, Nutcracker, and we haven't been told our casting yet so we'll see what the deal with that is.
UGH, I'm getting tired just thinking about this!
In the Magic Toy Shop we have to stand still FOREVER as we are dolls! There was a full run-through today and my feet are so tired!
We also went apple picking today which was fun. I love apple orchards! They're just so pretty! I also love fall so I'm taking advantage of it and going all out with my blog to make it as festive as possible!
Well, I'm sorry for not writing sooner! I have been super busy and super tired! I'm trying to work on some new articles but as soon as I sit at the desk, I'm practically asleep! I will TRY to write as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who has been viewing and following me! You're much appreciated!

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