Jul 26, 2009


Morning! I am totally exhausted! Last night I camped in the back yard with the siblings, it was a ton of fun but there was little sleeping happening. My little brother was a little freaked out by it all but he managed fine!
On Friday I performed Nikiya and here's the link for the performance:
Week 4 is coming up fast and honestly I wish the weekend was a little longer. Going back to dance tomorrow will be interesting. Drama was occurring on Friday and I'm not excited to experience the aftermath. Well, have a good day everyone! (Although it's raining here and very gloomy)

Jul 24, 2009

Friday Week 3

Hey everyone! It's Friday of the third week of summer camp at 8:20 in the morning. I'm pretty nervous to perform the Nikiya variation today but I hope that I can force my emotions to run wild during this dance. I don't have a lot of time but figured it would be worth a brief update. I'll post the video of the performance soon!

Jul 16, 2009

Quick update

Good morning! It's Thursday of week 2 of summer camp and it is 8:14 AM! I'll be leaving in a few minuets so I'll try to squeeze in as much as I can! Tonight is the opening night of the "Choreographer's Showcase" performance. Choreographers around the state are coming together to do a performance at my ballet school and today we have a dress rehearsal at 11:00 and the show is at 7:00. Then tomorrow there's another show and the Friday performance for summer camp. Apparently I didn't have as much time as planned! Gotta go!

Jul 11, 2009


Hey everyone! It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I am exhausted! Yesterday I performed the variation from Raymonda and it was so much fun! If you'd like to see the performance here's the link to the video:
One of the worst parts of being a dancer is watching your own performance and critiquing every move you made despite other's opinions.
Today and tomorrow I will enjoy the beauty of the weekend soaking my feet and rejuvenating myself for next week. Starting Monday I will be learning a variation from the ballet Esmeralda. Here's a link for a video of the variation:
This video is one of my all-time-favorites on YouTube! I adore Natalia Osipova.
Well for coming columns, I'm hoping to do an article on dancer superstitions so that should be up soon! My sister is in need of my assistance with the closet so... Talk to you later!

Jul 8, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Good evening everyone! I apologize for the lack of entries lately! Summer camp has started up and I am CONSTANTLY dancing! It's only the third day of the first week out of six and I'm already so tired! During the summer camp days I have been rehearsing for two of the ballets my dance school is going to soon do and two dances that I am to perform at the end of the week as a summer camp performance. There are so many things jammed in my head right now I can't think straight! One of the performances I'm doing at the end of the week is a variation you can find on YouTube. Here's the link!
It's a variation from the ballet Raymonda, one of my new favorites! The choreography is not extremely challenging, the challenge is mastering the emotion of the dance and the facial expressions. With each step giving a smirk or a glance of the eye that matches. Matching movement with emotion is something not easily done.
Well, I hope to write again soon! Thanks to everyone for viewing my blog and have a good summer!