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Jun 13, 2009

Young Again

Hey everyone! Perhaps I'm just writing because I'm bored... Actually that is why I'm writing...
So today I'm going to play the role many girls want to be, Cinderella! I'm going to be "in a birthday party" playing miss Cinderellie, but I'm basically babysitting a few seven year olds with the help of two other dancing friends who are playing Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty. I remember the days when I was little and completely adored those princesses! Although what little girl didn't admire a beautiful young lady with a crown at one point? That's one of the wonderful things about ballet, you can pretend to be someone or something that's more than yourself. And then you have the FULL scenery around you to make it almost feel real. The more you believe it's real, the more the audience believes it.

After the party I'm heading out-of-state for my best friends dance recital. She's like a sister to me and I'm pretty sure I've known her since birth! I can't wait to see her dance!
KK, I'm going to go now... Ok? Bye...

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