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Jun 12, 2009


Hi again! Aside from ballet, I love to take pictures and I found some that I would like to share with you!

I'm lucky enough to live at a home with so much natural beauty surrounding it.

Fourth of July weekend at the house!

Thanks! :)


  1. you really are lucky
    to live where you live
    and youtook awesome pic
    but next time you want to
    take a pic of somenthing small or that requires detalis like the ice cream pic
    use the MACRO option in your camera its represented by a flower symbol
    now it wont be blurry

    now for the other pics try to not use the flash
    try to use natural light this will birghten the colors of the objects

    you have awesome themes and this are some advices for a semi professional photographer
    (still learning)

    thanks for your awesome blog i love ballet too and take pics of dancers
    greetings from mexico

    bye bye :)