Jun 14, 2009

Classical to Lyrical

As a classically trained ballet dancer, it was very wonderful to be able to attend my best friends dance recital which is mostly modern/lyrically based. Although it's not quite my style of dance and some numbers appeared a bit foreign to me, the several that my friend was in I found quite beautiful. Dance can come from anything, a piece of music could inspire you, a painting, a person, a story. Inspiration could come from anything and everything. Something beautiful and meaningful can come from nothing and grow into something more. That was the base idea for many of the numbers in the performance. One of my particular favorites was a number inspired by the painting A Starry Night by Van Gogh. The dancers wore dresses with the painting brushed onto the skirts and danced around large wooden frames. A beautiful and artistic masterpiece. I feel as though I'm writing a review! Ha ha! All and all it was a beautiful show. My cousin is visiting at the moment so I kinda have to go! See ya!

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