Jun 25, 2009

Advice Column!

A writer from the Netherlands asks:

Dear Ballerinablogger
Do you know if it is possible for a 23 year old boy, to be able to be flexible enough to do a split and stuff? I really like your videos... and I want to learn..... but I don't really know how to start to practice the right way. Hope you have some answers or tips:D You dance yourself? -

Dear Writer From the Netherlands,
Anyone can do a split regardless of age. It just takes a little effort! Here's one of the simplest exercises to accomplish a split!
Go down into a split as far as you feel that you can go, try to keep your body as upright as possible and support yourself with your hands touching the floor on either side of you. Stay in that position for about 20-30 seconds, then sink down a little farther and stay for 20-30 seconds. Do this every day, twice a day for as long as possible. The longer you stay the better. And be sure to have warm muscles when you do this because I find it helps a ton!
Also, for example when you're laying on the couch watching t.v, grab your leg and pull it towards you as far as you can. Flexibility is something anyone can absolutley acheive, it takes some time and a lot of commitment! Stretch as much as possible in any direction to achieve full flexibility. Another stretch is to sit on the ground and extend both legs straight in front of you. Your feet can be either pointed or flexed but flexing them will stretch the under part of your legs more. Lean your upper body forward towards your legs and hold the position for as long as needed until you feel you can go further. Do that twice a day for about 5-10 minuets. Good luck and keep at it!


Jun 20, 2009

Adiarys Almeida

I just love this variation and had to share it! The dancer Adiarys Almeida just has so much spice to her!


Jun 19, 2009

Summer Camp and Pointe Shoe Life

Summers coming up! And as many of us dancers know, that means summer camp! (One of my personal favorite times of the year!) Now depending on what school you go to, we all do various amounts of dancing in the summer. At my school there are six weeks of summer camp and I have signed up for all six. Some schools have five and some have eight and not everyone signs up for all the weeks. When summer camp rolls around, one of my primary concerns is... pointe shoes. When you're dancing that much for such a long amount of time, pointe shoes wear away that much faster and pointe shoes are not the cheapest things in the world. Here are 5 major tips to get the most out of your pointe shoes and your money.

1: Buy 2-3 pairs of pointe shoes and rotate them throughout the week. Monday wear your first pair and then leave them out to dry the next two days. Tuesday wear your second pair, Wednesday wear your third and so on.

2: Glue your boxes. There is a particular kind of glue known as Jet Glue you can buy at an online dance store or your local pointe shoe store. Squirt only several drops of glue into the box from the INSIDE. And remember, with Jet Glue, a little goes a LONG way so be extra careful.

3: I have found that when I return home from class and my pointe shoes are still wet, there's one everyday household item that can now be of use. The dryer! Some dryers come with a rack that you can place inside so you can dry items without having them tumble. Place the rack inside and set your pointe shoes on top. Use a low heat for as long as you think is necessary to suck the moisture out of your shoes.

4: Take the ribbons and elastics from your previous, dead point shoes and sew them onto your new ones. They may look a bit shabby compared to the shiny satin on the shoe, but they will eventually match!

5: NEVER EVER put your point shoes back into your bag after a class. That doesn't allow them the chance to air out and dry and shortens their life drastically. You could get a mesh bag and keep your pointe shoes in that but tie it to the outside of your dance bag. The best way is to simply tie your pointe shoes, by the ribbons, outside your bag and let them breathe some fresh air.

Okay so there you go! 5 ways to save money and save some life in your pointe shoes. I hope it helps!

Jun 14, 2009

Classical to Lyrical

As a classically trained ballet dancer, it was very wonderful to be able to attend my best friends dance recital which is mostly modern/lyrically based. Although it's not quite my style of dance and some numbers appeared a bit foreign to me, the several that my friend was in I found quite beautiful. Dance can come from anything, a piece of music could inspire you, a painting, a person, a story. Inspiration could come from anything and everything. Something beautiful and meaningful can come from nothing and grow into something more. That was the base idea for many of the numbers in the performance. One of my particular favorites was a number inspired by the painting A Starry Night by Van Gogh. The dancers wore dresses with the painting brushed onto the skirts and danced around large wooden frames. A beautiful and artistic masterpiece. I feel as though I'm writing a review! Ha ha! All and all it was a beautiful show. My cousin is visiting at the moment so I kinda have to go! See ya!

Jun 13, 2009

Young Again

Hey everyone! Perhaps I'm just writing because I'm bored... Actually that is why I'm writing...
So today I'm going to play the role many girls want to be, Cinderella! I'm going to be "in a birthday party" playing miss Cinderellie, but I'm basically babysitting a few seven year olds with the help of two other dancing friends who are playing Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty. I remember the days when I was little and completely adored those princesses! Although what little girl didn't admire a beautiful young lady with a crown at one point? That's one of the wonderful things about ballet, you can pretend to be someone or something that's more than yourself. And then you have the FULL scenery around you to make it almost feel real. The more you believe it's real, the more the audience believes it.

After the party I'm heading out-of-state for my best friends dance recital. She's like a sister to me and I'm pretty sure I've known her since birth! I can't wait to see her dance!
KK, I'm going to go now... Ok? Bye...

Jun 12, 2009


Hi again! Aside from ballet, I love to take pictures and I found some that I would like to share with you!

I'm lucky enough to live at a home with so much natural beauty surrounding it.

Fourth of July weekend at the house!

Thanks! :)

1st entry!!!!!

Hey everyone! I'm still new to this so I'm trying to figure this whole blogging thing out!*Sighs!*
I had a class yesterday so right now I can't do anything other than sulk in soreness! Although when you wake up in the morning and can barely crawl out of bed because your muscles are shreiking at you, at least you know that you worked your butt off the previous day! And to top it all off, I have a ton of blisters that sting at the slightest touch.
After class yesterday my teacher gave me this really hard variation to try. I'm excited to learn it and then see what my body is capable of! If you want to see the variation here's the link.
The one I'm going to learn is the dance after the male variation. I was so shocked to find out that the dancers who performed on the video got the bronze metal for the competition they were in! The two just looked so beautiful together! One of my newest goals is to perform everything they did in that number as gracefully as she did! Haha, I'm going to have fun with that! But I simply can't resist a good challenge and something to work towards!
That's one of the best things a dancer can do: pick something that you want to be able to do perfectly, give yourself a time goal and work until you've nailed it. Practice over and over again and it will eventually come!
Well, I guess that's all for now! I'm sure there will be plenty more stuff to discuss soon.